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The euthanasia that wasn’t

Noa Pothoven sought help to end her life but was refused.




It was a story too horrible to be true: A 17-year-old victim of sexual assault had been euthanized in the Netherlands.

And indeed, it wasn’t true. Noa Pothoven, a sufferer of anorexia and other mental illnesses, had previously sought euthanasia at a clinic without telling her parents — but she had been refused.

The teenager died at the weekend, several days after she began to refuse all fluids and foods. Her parents and doctors agreed not to force feed her or compel her into treatment against her will.

Read a full article there: https://www.politico.eu/article/noa-pothoven-euthanasia-that-wasnt-suicide-mental-illness-anorexia/

Avots: https://www.politico.eu/article/noa-pothoven-euthanasia-that-wasnt-suicide-mental-illness-anorexia/
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